Why "Emmy Couture?"


Emily = Novelty prints, yellow rainboots, and crazy hair!


I assume you're here to get to know me a little better. Totally cool! Thanks for hanging out with me! First off, I thought it might be nice to tell you why I chose "Emmy Couture" as the name for my brand:

I actually didn't come up with the name. . . It was my sister-in-law who first coined the phrase to me. The "Emmy" part was because I had been called that as a child, but then I discovered that it was also my then boyfriend's (now husband) nickname. After his family realized that, I was suddenly being called Emmy again. (After all, Emmy and Emmy is pretty cute for a couple. Just saying.) As for the "Couture," well, I am quite well known in my family circle for sewing. Put the two together, and Emmy Couture just stuck.

What You can Expect to Find on the Blog

Sewing and knitting are mainly what I blog about, but I do dabble in several other hobbies when time permits. I love watercolor painting, and have more recently become very interested in cross stitch. Crocheting pops up now and then, with the occasional housekeeping tip. I've also started planning some fun posts for 2018 which may include more tutorials, my yarn dyeing process/updates, as well as tips and tricks for crafty blogging. Stay tuned for more on that later!

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I first discovered sewing/craft blogs when I was fifteen. I was going through a phase of being extremely frustrated that nothing at the store fit properly. I was tall, with a full-bust, wide hips and excruciatingly bad self-image.

Sewing opened the door to something else. Something better. No more spending hours trying on a bazillion different things only to leave with nothing and an even worse opinion of my body. It took so much trial and error, but I clearly remember the first thing I made that fit. (You can see it on my first blog here.) It made me feel gorgeous and sparked my desire to sew more and more. That dress gave me a reason to keep trying. To keep making things even though half of them flopped.


Knitting is a more recent obsession of mine. I've known how to knit since I was nine. But I didn't become a Knitter with a capital K until much later. The first garment I ever knit was the Miette Cardigan by Andi Satterlund. It was quite thrilling to discover that I could understand this "knitting language." I did have to Google a few terms, and the cardigan has more mistakes then I care to mention, but it was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever made!

Then, last year, I discovered that crafty knitting podcasts were a thing and I was hooked. Before long I decided to start a Youtube podcast of my own. I love being able to have another platform to interact with likeminded crafters!

Find Your Fade Shawl 2.jpg

Yarn Dyeing

Along with becoming a better knitter, it didn't take much time before I found out that hand dyed yarn was a thing too! I'm always ready to try a new craft and thus my hand dyed yarn business became a reality. I ordered some un-dyed yarn, professional acid dyes, and gathered up my supplies. Yarn dyeing is a massive learning opportunity, but I've loved nearly every minute of it. The most frustrating thing is when you have a specific colorway in your head and it refuses to transfer to the yarn! 

DSC_0008 (1).jpg

Evan (aka The Husband)

This is my dashingly handsome husband. We met in May 2016 when I was helping his sister with housework and watching her children. A week or two after joining his family's 4th of July celebrations, we became an "official" couple. Despite quite a bit of drama about our relationship, he decided he wanted to keep me around. To help with that, he proposed in April 2017. Then, in July, we eloped one year to the day from when we started dating. And we've been living happily ever after!!


Mackerel (aka Mac)

Mac is the most recent addition to our little family. We brought him home November 4, 2017. He loves stealing my yarn, (literally) attacking my knitting, jumping on everything, (particularly Evan) and occasionally snuggling. He also has a mild obsession with computer keyboards, namely, walking on them while they're in use!