The Return of the Absent

Hello Blogging World,


It is terribly nice to be back again. I realized at the beginning of this year that I had grown matured, and survived the awkward teenage years. This being the case, I decided to dive straight back into the sewing blogger world. I previously maintained a blog for a little over a year, which was an enormous achievement for me. (You can check out that blog here.) Life happened, and blogging dropped out of sight. Now, it being almost a year since my last post, I am making a comeback. I have changed a good deal over the past several months, and my "brand" has finally become more settled.

That being said, I am not returning empty handed! Here is a little project that I have been working on over the past weekend:


Due to some extenuating circumstances, I have found myself without access to a sewing machine. It is extremely difficult for someone who loves sewing as much as I do to be without a sewing machine. I found myself nearly going crazy with the desire to sew and not being able to. In the midst of my desperation, I determined to do some hand-sewing. Thus, I started working on a hand sewn quilt.


I have wanted to sew a quilt for some time now. It is actually convenient that I am unable to avail myself of a sewing machine because it has finally given me the final push to start this project.


This is also a fantastic opportunity to deplete my seemingly unending stash of scraps. I have recently begun sorting through all of my sewing supplies, and it is nice to have one task slightly lessened.


I'll be back soon with a lovely vintage dress that I picked up for an absolute steal recently.

Jolly day to you!