Two Self-Drafted Skirts


I made up these two skirts last summer. They are both "self-drafted" of a sorts. . . I just measured, and marked out some gores on the fabric. Both skirts are made from quilting cotton that I purchased at Joann. (The bike skirt is made from this quilting cotton, but I cannot find the tulip fabric online.)


The bike skirt only has four gores due to a cutting mishap. I am not used to using directional prints, so I accidentally cut two gores upside down. I ended being able to remedy the situation by adding godets between the panels to increase the fullness a little. And I was still able to have in-seam pockets! I was so relieved that I managed to correct the problem so easily.

DSC_1072 - Version 2

I originally intended to make a dress out of this tulip fabric; therefore, I bought three yards. When it came down to it, I decided to make a skirt, and since I had three yards I had more than enough fabric to make a full skirt with a ruffle and pockets. What could be better? I do actually wear this skirt more than the other one.


The t-shirts that I'm wearing with these skirts are made from the sweetheart t-shirt pattern in Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. I found that with the two yards fabric requirement, I could cut two, almost three shirts! I used a cheaper, 60" knit fabric from Joann Fabrics similar to this one.


I've made three of these shirts so far, and found them to be extremely versatile. I wear them all the time. I fully intend to make more as soon as my budget can withstand it. The only change I would make to the pattern is to raise the neck an inch or so. I prefer to wear clothes that have less of a chance of wardrobe malfunctions. . .


Jolly day to you!