Flannel and Circle Skirts


Today I have a fun outfit post. As I was getting dressed one morning, I remembered reading Tasha's post about how she wore a dress as a skirt with the bodice tucked in, and I decided to try it. Tucking in the bodice of this dress did not work, so I decided to just wear a shirt over the top.


My older sister recently gave me this lovely flannel shirt that happened to coordinate perfectly with the dress' teal skirt. I put it on, remembered that I had this black hat lurking in the closet, and decided that my pumps would be the ideal completion to the outfit.


A swipe of fuchsia lipstick was the finishing touch. It ended up being cute, fun, and almost entirely functional. I ended up having to take off the hat because it kept blowing off my head. It was a bit too windy to be practical, and I had to have both hands to hold my skirt down. There are several wardrobe malfunctions just waiting to happen when you combine wind and circle skirts!


Jolly day to you!