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Butterick 6018: Flowers and Rainy Days

Butterick 6018: Flowers and Rainy Days


I had been stalking, and lusting after this fabric for some time. Every time I went into Joann, I would spy it in the clearance rack and wish that I had the money to purchase its $6-$7 a yard loveliness. Then, my sister needed some new clothes, and my mum and dad were providing the funds to purchase enough fabric for two or so dresses. When we went into the store, we found the fabric tucked in the recesses of the clearance section. I knew we had to get it, and Photographer Sister willingly agreed. If I couldn't have it, at least I could sew up a lovely dress for my sister!


This is the Butterick 6018, retro reproduction pattern that you can purchase at Joann, or a variety of other places. It is the same pattern I used for her blue danube dress. There isn't much to say about this that I have not already said. I love this pattern! (I am actually wearing another variation of it right now that hasn't been blogged yet.)


Although this fabric is not a knit, it had a good deal of stretch to it for a woven. This meant that I had to take in the waist seams significantly to maintain the fitted look. It could have been taken in a bit more, but overall, it was a pretty satisfactory garment. Photographer Sister and I ended up staying up until almost midnight to finish it in time for her to wear it to church the next morning.


Despite the slight blurriness and faded look, I think you, my dear readers, can see the lovely fabric, and how well it fits her. She is almost too easy to sew for! She is also wearing a crinoline underneath to help puff out the dress. This pattern has a lusciously full skirt!


Jolly day to you!


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