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Wisteria and Spring Breezes: McCalls 6891

Wisteria and Spring Breezes: McCalls 6891


Spring was in full force, and the wisteria was blooming everywhere! Photographer Sister was in town, so a photo shoot was required. The local library has a gorgeous building outside that is just covered in wisteria. I knew I wanted to get some pictures there while it was all in bloom, so things ended up working out really well.


This is another variation of McCalls 6891. At least, the bodice is. . . The skirt is self-drafted. I added some little ruffles to replace the sleeves. I tend to have a very difficult time fitting sleeves. I'm not sure why, but I always end up with the armhole digging into my arm. It is really uncomfortable, so I usually just omit the sleeves and add lace or a binding.


The fabric is a sturdy cotton that I picked up at the thrift store sometime last year. I couldn't tell if it was originally a sheet, curtain, or just a length of partially used fabric. Whatever it was, it was perfect for a nice springy dress!


I don't have too much more to say. I didn't make any changes to the bodice other than a minor sway back adjustment, but I think I need to add a small FBA. It isn't terribly obvious, but it is a bit snug over the bust.


I have a couple more sewing and knitting projects that will be making their way to the blog in the next couple of weeks. I expect to be pretty busy over the next few months due to a fantastic adventure that has begun, the details of which I will be sharing soon. (It involves this dress.) I am quite excited to tell you my story, but I must have pictures first. I think you all will enjoy it!


Isn't the wisteria lovely?

Jolly day to you!


Rainy Day Sunshine

Rainy Day Sunshine

Orange Stripes: The Jenna Muse Cardi

Orange Stripes: The Jenna Muse Cardi