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Tutorial: Homemade Powder Laundry Detergent

Tutorial: Homemade Powder Laundry Detergent


Today I have a little tutorial for you. My family uses homemade laundry detergent. I made it by myself for the first time today, so I thought I'd photograph the steps (it's absurdly simple) and share it with all of you, my lovely readers.

You will need:

1 (3lb 7 oz) box of washing soda

1 3-4 lb box of Baking Soda (I used two 1 lb and one 2 lb box since Kroger didn't have anything bigger.

1 tub of Oxi Clean

1 box of Borax

2 bars of Kirks Original Coco Castille soap made with coconut oil (You can use 1 bar of Fels Naptha, or Zoat soap instead, but the coconut oil is especially good for sensitive skin issues.)

A grater

Container to hold finished detergent

Something to stir everything together with

And that's it!


Step 1. Dump the baking soda, oxi clean, washing soda, and borax into your receptacle of choice.


Step 2: Take your bar of soap,


And grate it into the rest of your ingredients. You can use just your regular grater, but be sure to scrub it off thoroughly so that your food doesn't taste soapy next time you use it! If you intend to switch completely to making your own laundry detergent, I would recommend purchasing a cheap grater to use specifically for soap. I didn't have that luxury, so I just used my normal one.


Something my family used to do when we used ivory soap for this was to stick it in the microwave for a minute or less, and then the soap would crumble up super easy. I decided to conduct an experiment and try it with my second bar of coconut oil soap. It didn't work. . . I put it in for thirty seconds, and it came out just hot and kinda stretchy, if that makes sense. Below is a picture of what it looked like after I took it out of the microwave and broke it in half. I ended up grating it just like the first bar.


Step 3: After all the bar soap is grated, take your mixing utensil and still everything together.


And that's it! Use about two tablespoons for a normal sized load. For extra dirty laundry, or larger loads, use 1/3 to 1/2 cup. I kept the little scoop that came with the Oxi Clean tub, and two tablespoons is about to the first line, maybe a little above. This makes enough to last two people about six months.

Here is a price list and total for everything in the detergent so you can compare:

Baking Soda: $3.27

Washing Soda: $3.99

Borax: $5.39

Oxi Clean: $8.99

Kirk's Coco Castille Bar Soap: $4.79 for a package of three, so $1.60/ea

Total: $26.43*

Not bad for six months worth of laundry detergent!


Jolly day to you!


*All ingredients purchased at Kroger.

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