One Week One Pattern: Days 1 & 2

So, have you heard of the One Week One Pattern challenge? It started this past Saturday. You can find all the details over on Hannah's blog: Cinderellis. A brief summary of the challenge: Take one pattern of which you have made several variations, wear the different variations for a week straight, and style them differently every day. I'm so glad Hannah decided to run the challenge this year! I participated a couple of years ago when Handmade Jane hosted it. It was one of the first "competitions" I took part in, and it was such good fun. It's nice to know which patterns can stand the test of being worn for seven days in a row. Here are my outfits for the first two days. I decided to use the Sweetheart T-shirt from Gertie's second book, Gertie Sews Vintage Casual.

Day 1:


I paired my gray sweetheart tee with a floral maxi skirt and a bandana for a pretty casual look. I do like how my camisole adds a cute little pop of color.


Day 2:


I wore my striped orange shirt, (blogged about here) with this simple bicycle skirt. The big orange flower complements, and adds some extra color to the mix. Also, I am thoroughly delighted with the fact that Autumn is approaching. It is still quite hot in Virginia, but the acorns everywhere, occasional falling leaves, and cooler weather forecast has me enjoying this end of season time immensely.


I'll be posting my outfits on Instagram daily, (you can follow me here) and I plan on a end of challenge summary on Friday. If you haven't already, you can definitely still join in! The more the merrier!

Jolly day to you,