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Projects in Progress

Projects in Progress

Well my dearies, I have been busy, but much of my projects are still in the development stages. I have also been working on Christmas presents, some of which I cannot show you since I don't want to risk the recipients seeing their gifts before time! I am such a procrastinator that I usually cram all of my Christmas gift making into the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since there is such a shortage of time, what with various festivities, family get togethers and other usual holiday busyness, I always end up with half of my presents unmade. This year I am determined that that will not happen!  So, on to the stuff I can show you.


This project is a sweater that I am knitting up. I have finished and blocked the fronts and am about a quarter of the way through the back. There aren't proper sleeves on this sweater, just sleeve bands, so I'm already nearly done! Also, it is a free pattern. You can find it here. I am knitting up the extra small in a soft Red Heart yarn. I know that technically I should use fancy yarn, but the capability of washing and drying the finished sweater is a pretty big deal for me. I also intentionally selected a thicker yarn since I wanted it to be a bit more chunky than the original pattern. I just love the lace pattern and the overall design. I did knit up a couple of swatches, but as I couldn't find an absolutely perfect needle match, I picked the closest one.


The next project is something I have actually been working on for several months now. It is a crocheted granny square blanket. I love that I can randomly pick up my crochet hook, make a few squares, add a row to the blanket, and then set it aside while I work on something else. It looks lovely on the back of my couch, and it is fantastic to have an easy project to give me a break from the more complicated ones. I am using a variety of Lily and Cream yarns. Since this type of yarn is usually intended for dish clothes, I know that it should have the durability to withstand a lot of usage over the years. It is already a good lap size blanket, and quite comfortable at that!


The pillow is a project I finished up shortly after I got married. It is a simple envelope style pillow covering that I hand stitched a variety of yo-yos to. It combines well with the blanket and the two of them together make for a very homey looking couch.


The last work in progress I have to show you is a couple of Colette Negroni shirts that I cut out and have been working on over the weekend. I actually finished the red gingham shirt today. I am planing to submit it as my project for Karen's Ginghamalong. I'll have a post about it up tomorrow, just in time for the deadline! I told you I was a procrastinator. . . These shirts are for my younger brother's for Christmas. I actually quite enjoy the slightly more intricate nature of sewing men's shirts. It does make me want to undertake a simpler project next, but it is still a lot of fun. Especially now that I have made several and the process makes much more sense! You should have seen my first one. I tried to make a couple of modifications and ended up having to recut the entire back. It was a mess!


So, that is what I have been working on. I will be back tomorrow with a finished shirt!

Jolly day to you,


Ginghamalong: Checkered Colette Negroni

Ginghamalong: Checkered Colette Negroni

One Week One Pattern: Days 1 & 2

One Week One Pattern: Days 1 & 2