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Burgundy Colette Pastille Dress

Burgundy Colette Pastille Dress

First off, before I get into the lovely sewing bits, I want to apologize for the random blog posts that may have appeared and then disappeared this past week. I was attempting to connect my blog with my Youtube account in order to make it easier to transition from my podcast to my website, but, for whatever reason, I couldn't make Wordpress cooperate with me. Anyway, I won't be trying that again for a while unless some of you amazing people have any tips or tricks to make it work. In many ways, I miss the simplicity of the Blogger platform. I transferred over to Wordpress thinking it was going to be the new best thing, but I have found instead that it is much more complicated and annoying than Blogger ever was. Ah, well. That is a a conversation for another day. On to the post! This past weekend was my oldest brother's wedding. I was not a bridesmaid, but since, as we all know, there are lots of family pictures taken at weddings, I wanted to be sure that I looked like I belonged instead of some random weirdo. So I made a dress! (I am planning a couple of "bonus" posts talking about the other things I made for people to wear to the wedding.)


This is the Pastille dress from the Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook. Due to limited time, I decided against using the fitted skirt included in the pattern, and drafted a half circle skirt instead. I have found recently that half circle skirts are probably the most flattering skirts for my body shape. I can pull off a full circle skirt easily enough, but it takes up quite a bit of fabric, and a strong breeze is only too willing to show off my undergarments! I love how half circle skirts still have a lot of twirl without being fabric hogs or tools for random flashings.


I've made this dress a few times before, and I must say, this is definitely the best variation so far! With my other versions, I always sewed up a size 10, but when I double checked my measurements, I realized that I had made a mistake and I should have been using the size 8. I was a little concerned that this size was going to be too small, but I have learned quite a bit about my body since I started sewing most of my personal wardrobe, and I knew it was better to trust my experience then to continue with what I had been doing.


Despite my misgivings, this dress ended up fitting like a glove. It wasn't necessary to do a FBA, and the only adjustment I ended up making was to extend the front armhole from the size 8 line to the size 10 line, and then back to the size 8 line at the side seam. (Hopefully that explanation isn't too confusing!) I have found that more often than not, dresses tend to cut into the front of my underarm and it is quite painful after wearing it for a day. This is an issue I have had with my past variations of the Pastille dress, but this slight change resolved that problem excellently!


One of the best parts of this dress is the fact that I was able to make it from a sheet that my older sister gave me a few months ago. It just so happened to be in the perfect color, and it isn't stiff or almost crinkly like some sheets or quilting cottons can be. I put in a lapped zipper, and added a hook and eye at the back neck. Since I only had to purchase the thread and a zipper, this dress cost less than $5!


Since making this dress, I am remembering all the reasons why I liked it before. My brain has been churning away thinking about all the different dresses I could make with this pattern now that I know it fits pert near perfectly. I already have a couple planned out to use up some fabric in my stash!


I almost forgot to tell you, while I was hanging out with my family before the wedding, my mum very graciously cut and styled my hair. She added some layers and made it look absolutely amazing. I am so happy with my new cut!

Jolly day to you!


p.s. It still feels like I am intent upon sewing all the Colette related patterns recently. . .

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