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Gertie's Princess-Seam Dress

Gertie's Princess-Seam Dress


If you hadn't noticed, this is a fairly similar dress as the last post. I have been busy working away on Christmas presents and, as I haven't managed to take any pictures yet, I decided to do another wedding outfits post. My sister and I did a little mini-photoshoot shortly before we had to head over to the wedding venue and it was super bright and sunny outside, so there might be a little glare on some of the pictures.


Back when my sister first asked me about making her something for the wedding, she wanted to know if the above dress from Modcloth was too complicated. It really isn't, but due to time constraints, we had to go with a "based on" look instead. Someday soon I want to sew a dress that will look more like the original. It's so stinkin' cute!


This dress is made from the princess seam bodice and cap sleeves found in Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book and a self-drafted half circle skirt. I have made this dress for my sister before and we used a size 4, but it ended up being too snug at the waist so I had to use a pretty small seam allowance. This time, I made up a size 6 in the lining and fitted it to her before cutting out the main bodice. That way, since the sizing was right, I already had the lining completed and it helped the dress come together quickly. (I read about that trick somewhere, and have found it very useful.) I slightly modified the cap sleeve pattern so that it didn't go all the way around the armscye, like the Modcloth dress.


I used a cotton broadcloth from that can be found here. (I used the same fabric for the bodice lining.) Although I only had three yards, I managed to get the the whole dress out of it, and a side pocket. It was quite a squeeze! I inserted an invisible zipper down the back seam. I only had one day to sew this, so my sister ended up hemming it and sewing the bodice lining down.


I'll be back in a couple of days to share a bonus post about an exciting new pattern release! I cannot wait! But until then,

Jolly day to you!


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