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Christmas Crafting Part 1: Five Negroni Shirts

Christmas Crafting Part 1: Five Negroni Shirts


One of the first things I thought about this morning upon waking up, was the realization that I had entirely forgotten to update my blog on my normal posting day. What a crime! Never fear, I have a lovely post for you, even though it is a day late. This is the first part of my Christmas Crafting series. I have several "selfless" sewing and knitting projects to share with you over the next couple of weeks. I thought I'd start it off with the most complicated Christmas presents I made: five button down men's shirts.


I used the Colette Negroni pattern for all of these shirts. I started working on these back in September so that I would be able to spread them out a bit and not have to be constantly working on super complicated projects. These shirts aren't that hard, but there are a lot of fiddly pieces. The first shirt pictured above, I have already posted about here.


This next shirt is made from a quilting cotton I purchased at Joann. It is a size small shortened to a size extra small. I have found that the Negroni pattern is rather abnormally long. Reducing the length by an inch or two made it much more reasonable, so I did it on all these shirts.


I have also discovered that Joann sells little packages of shirt buttons for $1. Depending on the package, they come with about eight normal buttons and two or three small collar buttons. They are in limited colors, but with neutrals like white, black, brown, gray, and navy, it isn't hard to find some that will work.


This gray shirt is ridiculously wrinkled. . . I was in a hurry to get some pictures before wrapping these shirts up and preparing them to be sent off to the recipients so I couldn't be bothered. I actually made this shirt sometime last year for my husband. Unfortunately, the fit wasn't quite right so he never wore it. I was working on sewing my next to last shirt when I realized that the marking tool I had used to trace the pattern onto the fabric, would bleed through into the fabric and ruin the shirt. I had gotten too far into the assembly process to go back and trim the seams, so I substituted it with this already made shirt. It made things much easier on me in the end!


The gray fabric is a cotton shirting fabric I found on while the buttons are from Joann. I also used a straight size small for the pattern.


This shirt is one of my favorites. I love the fabric! It's just a quilting cotton from Joann, but I think the marbled effect is very pretty. I used a straight size extra small. I might have shortened it, but I don't think I did. I made this a month or so ago so the specific details are a little foggy.


And this last shirt is probably the best out of them all. It is made from a sturdy shirting I purchased on with some of the aforementioned shirt buttons from Joann. This shirt is intended for my father-in-law, and I wanted it to be as nearly perfect as possible. I was extremely careful with all the topstitching. Instead of doing the flat-felled side seams, I serged the seams and then stitched them down. This resulted in a vastly neater line of stitching. I hand sewed the hem because I normally have a hard time getting it neat since my current sewing machine has been having a hard time with thicker layers recently. I think it turned out amazing. I used a size medium shortened to a small with the armholes/shoulders graded out to a large. (My husband told me that the shoulder area was usually too tight or restrictive on the shirts I had made him in the past.)


In conclusion, I was insane to think that I could sew up a bazillion shirts without a problem. I did it, and I'm (mostly) proud of the results. Now I just have to hope they all fit!

Jolly day to you!


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