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Christmas Crafting 2016: Part 2

Christmas Crafting 2016: Part 2


Initially I planned to share some adorable circle skirts I stitched up this past week, but my husband has been sick this weekend and wasn't able to take the pictures. He is on the mend now, so hopefully I will get some pictures before next Monday! I do have some more Christmas crafting to show you though. I sewed the majority of the Christmas presents I made, but I did knit up a few things as well. 

For my two sisters-in-law, I made them sets of hats and a matching shawl or scarf. I used the Simple Beret with a Cable Brim pattern by Andi Satterlund for the hats. It was super easy, and both hats turned out so adorable that I have become intent upon making myself two or three too! The shawl pictured above was knit from the Psh-Shawl pattern by Joyce Fassbender. The shawl was way less complicated that I imagined it would be. It has definitely kick-started my desire to knit all the fantastic shawl patterns I have fallen in love with over the past year or so. I alway thought that shawls were one of those things I would probably never be good enough at knitting to make. Apparently not! Sadly, I cannot show you pictures of the other accessories that I knit. When I was transferring the photos from my phone to the computer, something happened and they turned into blank black images. As aforementioned, I used the same hat pattern, but made up a pattern for a basic cowl. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in purple and burgundy for the two sets.


This little cardigan is for my mum. I have mentioned it on the blog before in my Projects in Progress blog post. I used the Leaf Lace Cardigan pattern from the Universal Yarn website. I used a Red Heart Soft yarn that I had in my stash from a year or so ago when I was originally supposed to knit a cardigan for my mum. I had started a cardigan with this yarn, but I was trying to make up a pattern as I went and, with my then woefully lacking knitting skills, it was one massive flop. I finally unraveled the whole mess earlier this year and started over again with a different pattern. I did end up making a few adjustments. The ribbing around the neck and sleeves was supposed to be two or three times as long as it currently is. Red Heart yarn is an inexpensive acrylic yarn and makes a relatively stiff material. When I knit the arm bands, they stuck out terribly and looked like a football player's shoulder pads. I ended up ripping them back and knitting them much shorter as well as adding a few decreases in so that it would taper down over the shoulder. It ended up working very well. I am quite pleased with the finished product!


This last project is something I knit way back at the beginning of the year. They are just some basic fingerless mitts. I don't know for sure what pattern I used, but this pattern is very similar. They were knitted from yarn in my stash. I'm pretty sure it was just Vanna's Choice Yarn from Michaels. They were one of the first cable projects I did, and it was a perfect introduction. Sometimes I just love having an almost mindless knitting project on the needles. It means that you can just sit back and enjoying the knitting process without worrying too much about whether your stitch count is correct or wondering if you've accidentally skipped a line on your lace chart.


And that's all I have for you today! I hope you are all getting into the Christmas spirit this year. It's already less than two weeks until Christmas. Also, my birthday. I can't wait. I'm looking forward to some birthday lasagna and rice crispy treats!

Jolly day to you!


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