Watercolor Painting: Baby Dear

Hello everyone! As you may be aware, one of my many hobbies is watercolor painting. I love to give hand painted cards to friends and family members for any special occasions. Often times, I find painting to be very relaxing after working on sewing or knitting. There aren't any special instructions I have to follow. I simply pick something I want to recreate, and dabble away! This little painting is based on an illustration by Eloise Wilkin found in the adorable little picture book called Baby Dear.


First, I drew a rough sketch and then slightly refined it. I have learned that it is better to put fewer details in at the beginning since the watercolor paint covers them. It is easier to make a basic outline, start painting, and then add the details as you go along.


I put down all the base colors before using a very small brush to add finer details. One of my favorite things to do is to use a fine point pen to touch everything up.


And once I've signed my name, it's done!


Have a jolly day!