Preparing for Holiday


You may well be wondering why I didn't post on Monday. I just started working at a new job (Yay!), and I am getting ready to go visit my family for almost a week. Between a new schedule and last minute sewing, posting simply slipped my mind. Besides, I haven't actually managed to get any pictures of my newest sewing projects. My husband has been very busy at work, and since I use my iPhone for photos, I can't set it up on a tripod. But, while I am at my family's house, my sister and I are planning to take tons of pictures, enough for two or three blog posts!

I might not have a blog post up next Monday. It depends on if all my crazy siblings let my slip away for a moment to upload one! I am going to try, but, if not, I will be sure to be back to my normal posting schedule the week after. I am going to leave you with a few snapshots from my Instagram. Despite the lack of official photographic evidence, I have been keeping busy!

I started working on a braided t-shirt yarn rug recently. It is such a fun, addictive project.

I decided to hand sew it all rather than on the machine for a couple of reasons. One, I think the sewing machine I have wouldn't do well with all the bulk, two, I want to be sure it lays completely flat. By hand sewing, I have much more control and I can catch rippling much sooner.

I also reorganized my fabric stash a week or so ago. It was quite the undertaking! But in the end I managed it, and now I know exactly what I have.

This particular sewing project is actually completed now. It should be up on the blog within the next couple of weeks. Take it from me, it turned out gorgeously!

Have a jolly day!