Me Made May Pledge 2017

Hello Everyone! Yes, it has been much too long since my last blog post. Thankfully, that is not completely my fault. I have been having so. many. issues. with my computer recently. Thankfully, after wiping the hard drive and re-installing everything, it appears to be back in to working order. Yay! I have been having problems with it for a few months now, so it is quite relieving to discover a brand new computer isn't needed, just a little TLC! (I do apologize for the less than stellar quality of the pictures. The lighting wasn't ideal. I am hoping to purchase a better camera soon!)


As many of you probably know, today, May 1st, is the first day of Me-Made-May. I absolutely love this challenge! I have participated two or three times. I wasn't able to do it last year, and I found that I rather missed being part of all the fun! (For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, you can go here to read all about it.) This is my pledge for Me-Made-May:

I, Emily, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '17. I shall endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2017. I will also post a picture of my outfit on Instagram (@emmycouture95), wear some sort of me-made lingerie at least one day of each week, sort through and evaluate every item in my wardrobe, and really work towards including more accessories in my day to day outfits.


I wear me-made items pretty much every day already, so I decided to make my pledge more difficult this time around. I will probably just take a picture of my outfit lying flat on the floor, but I want to keep track of what I wear each day. Since one of my goals for 2017 was to work on making more of my own lingerie, I think it will be good to include some of the undergarments I have already made in my me-made challenge, and it should encourage me to want to make more! Plus, I have been feeling a little meh about my wardrobe recently. It has to do with my style changing a bit, clothes starting to wear out and get shabby, and a lack of accessories. One of my biggest goals for this month is to work on putting together an outfit that I feel classy wearing. I haven't decided yet if I want to have a weekly round-up post, but I am planning a "highlights" blog post at the end of the month.


My first outfit is this dress that I made a couple years ago. I posted about it on my old blog before I moved to Wordpress, and it made a brief appearance here. It is still one of my favorite makes. It fits so perfectly, and the fabric design is absolutely gorgeous! Surprisingly enough, the fabric is still available on the Joann Fabrics website.


The pattern is Butterick 6018, View B, and it is probably my most used pattern to date! I think I've mentioned it before, but I have made over half a dozen dresses from this pattern! It is such a flattering design, and, since I know it fits me, it is too easy to just whip one up in a few hours. I shall leave you with a couple more pictures of my outfit, and then I must go. I have lots of things to do on this lovely May Day!!


Have a jolly day!