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Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day 2017 1

Memorial Day means different things to different people. For some it’s an excellent excuse for a cookout. (I mean, really, who is going to say no to a cookout?) Others enjoy the extra day off work. Or it’s simply another work day with slightly different hours. . . Creative people celebrate the extra time to enjoy their craft of choice while children know it as a day when they don’t have to go to school. But what is Memorial Day really about?

Memorial Day 2017 2
Memorial Day 2017 3

Memorial Day first began way back in the 1800’s during and after the Civil War. It is actually a combination of several different “remembrance” days. It is a special day set aside to remember those serving in the military who died while fighting. 

Memorial Day 2017 4

Whether it was one of the 600,000 men who died during the Civil War, or the millions of soldiers and civilians who died during the two World Wars, or the brave men and women who have given up their lives since then: Memorial Day is something a little more than an excuse to eat good food or dress up in a cute outfit for the next blog post.

Memorial Day 2017 5
Memorial Day 2017 6

Not that either of those things are bad! I love good food and cute outfits as much as the next person! As a matter of fact, I enjoyed both. But if you have a quiet second this weekend, maybe take a moment to remember those who fought and died so that we could live and enjoy the world we live in today.

Memorial Day 2017 7
Memorial Day 2017 8

Before finishing off this slightly more serious post, I wanted to make a quick note on my outfit. The skirt is the double layer circle skirt I wrote about here, and the shirt was thrifted a couple of years ago. I actually wore this outfit two days in a row because I loved it so much! (And I knew I would be around different people.) To be perfectly honest, I almost wore the shirt again today; which is probably a sign that I should make a couple more based off of it!

Memorial Day 2017 9
Memorial Day 2017 10

I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday!


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