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Thoughts at the End of Me-Made-May 2017

Thoughts at the End of Me-Made-May 2017

        And May has come to an end. Did you participate in Me Made May this year? I did, and it was a little tougher than normal. I got sick, and work was crazy stressful which zapped much of my creative energy reserves. (Enough so that I am looking at getting another job very soon, but I will give a better update on that later.) It was a frustrating and amazing month all at the same time!

         I had the privilege of pattern testing the recently released Maxine Panties for Hannah of EvielaluveDIY. I will be writing a blog post for that very soon! (Spoiler:The pattern was amazing!!) My May Minerva Crafts project was released almost two weeks ago. Combine those two projects with work, and my regular sewing/crafting habits, and I was one busy lady! Plus, my newest nephew was born on Mother's Day which meant a trip to see him and lots of baby snuggles.

But I'm not here to chatter on endlessly. Actually, I wanted to share a little about my thoughts on Me Made May this year. (You can read my original pledge here.)

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I ended up having fewer outfit pictures than I thought I would. It felt like I had my husband take so. many. pictures throughout the month. There were several days where I wore the same outfit twice in a row, which would have been pretty boring to photograph. But overall, I feel like this month was quite a learning experience.

MMM Collage 2

1. I need more hand-made blouses/tops!

I think one of the biggest things that stood out to me this month was the severe lack of me-made tops. I have several RTW t-shirts and button ups that I was given or I purchased at the thrift store, but many of them are quite near the end of their life. I did make one blouse in April, but if I wore it during Me Made May, I don't have photographic evidence of it! My favorite RTW red eyelet blouse was in constant rotation. (I'm actually wearing it right now. . .) I need to make a couple different "copy" versions of it. With the amount of skirts I have made and wear, it is ridiculous that I have so few tops!

MMM Collage 3

2. I need some high-waisted trousers/shorts.

As I was getting ready for work one day, I put the aforementioned red eyelet blouse and a pair of RTW denim capris. I was making sure my husband had everything he needed when I suddenly realized that I wasn't wearing anything me-made! Although I did end up changing out the capris for a skirt, it made me stop and think. I only have that one pair of jeans. And, while they fit me very well overall, the waistband is about mid-rise which means that, every time I bend over or sit down, it cuts into my tummy. I love to wear them because they are so cute, but honestly, I need something that comes up just a couple of inches higher. Plus, that would mean I wouldn't have to re-tuck my shirt in fifty hundred times a day. . . So watch this space!

MMM Collage 4

3. I should work on my posing for pictures.

This one is less of a Me Made May related observation, but I have noticed that I tend to have two or three different poses that I shuffle through when my husband takes my picture: twirling, hands on hips, or holding my hair/skirt. This was really obvious in my outfit photos! I want to work towards being a little more natural and at ease in front of a camera. Any tips or recommendations would be much appreciated!

And those are my main thoughts on Me-Made-May 2017! I very much enjoyed reading everybody's blog posts, seeing all the different outfits, and participating in the fun. It has me wanting to sew all the different things! I can't wait until next year!

Have a jolly day!


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