Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Tee

Hello my lovelies!

Today I want to talk a bit more about everyone's favorite tee pattern: the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes tee. I have already mentioned this pattern on the blog before. It was my September make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. However, this is the test version I sewed up first to check for any potentially necessary adjustments. This black version of Agnes has ended up being extremely versatile and I've worn it several times already. It makes sense after all, black does go with everything!

Black Agnes 2.jpg
Black Agnes 3.jpg

I used some black ponte knit scraps that I've had in my in my stash for quite some time. (I originally purchased it from fabric.com a couple of years ago, but, surprisingly, they still have it.) I must be honest: the quality of this ponte roma isn't the best. I bought it in hopes that it would be better than some knits I'd found at Joann fabrics, but it ended up pilling just as quickly as the cheaper fabric... It might have been due to tossing the original dress into the washer and the dryer. I am going to experiment with air drying this tee shirt and see if it makes any difference. I ended up sending that dress to the thrift store for a couple of different reasons, but the pilling was definitely one of them.

Black Agnes 4.jpg

I sewed up a straight size 6, just like the Lemon version. Everything went perfectly until I tried it on for the first time. I have no idea what I did wrong, but the sleeves were SO tight! Not just a little snug, but tight enough that I had difficulty getting the shirt on over my arms. I'm guessing that I accidentally cut the sleeves off grain. Since I was using scrap fabric, I fit the sleeves in where I could without paying too much attention to stretch/grain lines. To resolve the problem, I trimmed them off into quite short cap sleeves. In the end, I think this shirt looks better with less sleeve. I was relieved it turned out to be a happy accident; because, there was no way I had enough fabric left to cut out more sleeves!

Black Agnes 5.jpg

Unlike the lemon Agnes, this one actually has the bust gathers. As I mentioned in that blog post, there was something about the gathers on my lemon version that didn't look right. But adding the bust gathers made this top slightly less boring than just a plain black tee. I am curious to try out the gathers on my next version to see if it was merely the lemon print, or if it was something else. Regardless, I think they worked out splendidly on this version!

T-shirts can be extremely ugly and unflattering. I am thrilled that Tilly has designed such a wonderful pattern. With the feminine shaping and gathering, she has transformed something from potentially boring to a cute and wearable top. I can definitely see this becoming a much loved, TNT pattern.