6 Posts to Write for your Craft Blog

Hello my fellow crafting fanatics,

If you write a sewing, knitting, or general crafting blog then you've surely experienced the dreaded "No finished object to post about but it's blog post day!" Well never fear! I've got you covered! Here are 6 things to write about when that happens to you:

Find Your Fade Shawl 2.jpg

1. Other Hobby

If you normally write about sewing projects, but you also have another hobby that you really love (such as knitting, crocheting, painting, sketching, weaving, cross stitch, woodworking, etc) this can be the perfect opportunity to share another side of yourself with your readers. Trust me, they will be only too happy to learn a bit more about you. While it is usually a good idea to focus your blog posts on one or two different topics, it is totally fine to branch off slightly every now and then. I wouldn't recommend writing about sewing clothes for two years and then suddenly switch to talking only about healthy eating. That isn't the best course of action. However, writing a post on your favorite healthy snacks that you like to eat while sewing (include some recipes with all those mouth watering pictures!!) can be a fun little tidbit that is genuinely useful to your readers, and you have bought yourself some extra time to finish that glamorous ball gown sitting on your dress form!

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2. Work-In-Progress

Why should every post be about a finished project?? It can be informative to share some pictures of your project half finished. Maybe provide a couple tips about what you would do differently next time. Or gush about your favorite sewing technique. While always showing work in progress posts can be a bit boring, it is very fun to get the occasional "behind-the-scenes" sneak peek. Especially if it is about a really exciting project. (Like that aforementioned ball gown!)

Crafter's Diary : Entry One 1 .jpg

3. Story

I don't know about you, but I love it when one of my favorite bloggers shares a story about something fun they did recently. It makes me feel like I know more about them and as if we could be splendid friends in real life. It doesn't have to be a massive novel. Even a paragraph or two with a couple fun pictures is more than enough! You've created content, and endeared yourself to the reader.

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4. Dream Projects

Dreaming of all the different projects we would love to work on if we just had more hours in the day is a common trait of crafters. Writing about those projects you are just itching to start can be so. much. fun. On the one hand, you can spend forever waxing poetic on that gorgeous, cozy, practical shawl you want to knit from some squishy, amazing wool, and on the other, you may inspire your reader to knit a matching shawl! I mean, seriously, who doesn't like to read about more projects they have to try out??

5. Tips or Tricks

Short tips or tricks posts are some of my favorites to read. It doesn't need to be wondrously clever. Do you like to lay out your paint palette in a specific way? Why? Tell us why you love having your thread all color coded! Have you managed to go to a yarn festival without completely blowing your budget? What dark magic is this??? There are so many fun things that we do on a daily basis out of habit without realizing that somebody might never have thought to try.

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6. Tutorials

I love a good tutorial. And, honestly, they really aren't as hard to write as you would think. And don't tell me "But everything I can think of writing a tutorial for has already been written by somebody else!" Every person has a unique perspective. Who knows? Maybe the way you write combined with your pictures will make the technique finally click for your readers. Don't be afraid of sharing your knowledge! 

I hope this list of topics helps when the dreaded "blogger's block" hits! If you have any other recommendations for posts you would want to write or read, be sure to let me know below!