Speckled Mischief Maker Socks

Hello my dears,

This past autumn I had the immense priviledge of testing a gorgeous sock pattern for Casey of Casey's Creative Musings Podcast. It is called the Mischief Maker Socks. While it is a fairly simple sock, but it includes some fun colorwork to spice things up a bit. You can take a peek at my Ravelry project page here

Speckled Mischief Maker Socks 1.jpg
Speckled Mischief Maker Socks 2.jpg

I used a couple skeins of Emmy Couture Yarns in the "Come Little Leaves" and "Peach" colorways. "Peach" was actually the very first skein of yarn I ever dyed, so it is pretty special to me. I am glad I was able to use it in such a lovely pair of socks. This was my first time using "Come Little Leaves" and I am officially obsessed with it! I want to knit a shawl and a cardigan out of it. And maybe even some fingerless gloves! It is such a gorgeous combination of creamy speckled goodness. 

This sock pattern includes directions for knitting toe-up or cuff down. I chose to do the cuff down version. I knit the size small which meant casting on 60 stitches. I used Tillybuddy's Stretchy Cast-on. (Naturally. . .) I don't have a load of experience with colorwork, so this was definitely a bit intimidating at the beginning. However, once I got into at rhythm switching between yarns, it was a piece of cake.

I did find with the first bit of colorwork that I was pulling my floats too tightly. They were nice and neat, but I almost couldn't get the sock over my heel. After that I made sure to make my stitches looser which seems to have worked very well!

I love the heel from this pattern! It fits my foot so much better than the Fish Lips Kiss heel. I've found the FLK heel to be ever so slightly shallow for my heel. I've kept using it because I have it memorized and it's so simple to work up, but I am really glad to have found a heel that is just as simple but fits nearly perfectly!

Speckled Mischief Maker Socks 7.jpg

I'm scheming up at least one more version of this pattern. I would like to try the toe-up version and then decide which I found to be easier. The beauty of this pattern is the ability to use two or three smaller bits of yarn. So if you have some special leftover scraps of yarn this may be the perfect pattern for you!