Podiversary Giveaway!

Hello my friends!

I celebrated my first anniversary of filming a podcast on October 4! So, in honor of my podiversary, I am also hosting my very first podcast giveaway!! If you would like the chance to win some crafty goodness be sure to have a watch of the video below. 

As you can see, I'm currently participating in Vlogtober. It's been really enjoyable so far! I've been uploading a short vlog to my channel every day. I don't think I'll be filming on the weekends, but we will see. Everything has be going so smoothly so far that I might just do it then too!

 Once I see how Vlogtober goes, I might start planning to do Vlogmas as well! Christmas being my favorite holiday, I think it would be loads of fun to document all the festivites. December is also my birthday month, which does makes it extra special.

I just noticed that I seem to have used an excessive amount of exclamation points in this post... Oh well. Hopefully you will understand my excitement at being able to give some of you amazing people a few fun gifts. I loving giving people presents!