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Emmy Couture is an indie dyed yarn company, craft blog, and Youtube podcast. We provide bright, colorful, variegated, speckled, and tonal yarns perfect for all of your knitting needs. Check out the blog or podcast for a healthy dose of sewing, knitting, and general crafting inspiration.

Episode 31: It Was Like A Hug

Episode 31: It Was Like A Hug

I'm back and feeling much better! Knitting is taking over my life right now. . . I also have some really fun stash enhancement as well as a cross stitch update!

Sewing: 07:15

Laneway Dress - Jennifer Lauren Handmade:

Knitting: 14:49

Harvest - Tin Can Knits:

Harvest Cardigan - Ravelry Project Page:

Bluebird of Happiness - Sara Elizabeth Kellner:

Spindrift Shawl - Helen Stewart:

Blue Jay Spindrift Shawl - Ravelry Project Page:

Wrap Me Up Toys - Susan B. Anderson:      

Stash Enhancement: 26:45

Paintbox Yarns Baby DK:

Crafty Goodness: 38:15

Book Talk: 40:28

Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones:                     

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J. K. Rowling:           

Tea Time: 45:36

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When Sisters Come to Town

When Sisters Come to Town

Hand-Knit Baby Cardigan

Hand-Knit Baby Cardigan