When Sisters Come to Town

Hello my dears!

I have been rather silent on all social medias the past week. My sisters and best pals have been in town visiting which means loads of shenanigans! We've been hanging out, watching movies, crafting, visiting friends, and even managed a trip to the beach. It has all been rather splendid! (A brief warning: this is a picture heavy post without much blathering from yours truly.)

When Sisters Come to Town 6.jpg

Although almost frigidly cold, the beach was gorgeous, and it ended up being perfect lighting for practicing with my camera. Thankfully, my sisters are willing models! Also, isn't my older sister's dog the cutest??

When Sisters Come to Town 3.jpg

This outfit gives you a sneak peek of my December Minerva Crafts Blogger network project. I won't say any more than that, but I love how it turned out! Can we take a second to talk about my rain boots?? Aren't they the best? They are cheery, fun, and I've gotten so many compliments on them. Plus, children seem to love them as much as I do!

When Sisters Come to Town 9.jpg
When Sisters Come to Town 4.jpg
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When Sisters Come to Town 7.jpg
When Sisters Come to Town 2.jpg

It has been more amazing than I can tell to have my sisters around. One of the biggest negatives of getting married has been living so far away from my family. We rarely get to see each other since it almost always involves a 10-hour drive. . . Which means any time we get to spend together is such a gift. We have a couple more days before the girls head home, and loads of adventures will be had! But then, unfortunately, it's back to life as usual.