Introducing Mac!

Hello again!

I initially planned to to film a podcast and have it all uploaded ready to go for today. But life happened. My sisters left today after being here for the past week and a half. I decided cleaning house and getting back to a usual schedule, (not to mention trying to convince my body that it does not need to develop a cold!) was more important than trying to rush job a podcast. So instead of a podcast post, I want to introduce you to my new little buddy: Mac!!

Mack 1.jpg
Mack 3.jpg

My husband and I have talked about getting a cat since well before we were married. Cats were my favorite animals all growing up, and my husband's family has always had a cat around. While we lived in an apartment, we didn't have room for a cat. Once we moved into our house, it was really only a matter of time before we adopted an adorable furry friend. When the opportunity arrived a couple weeks ago, we gladly brought Mackerel home.

Mack 4.jpg
Mack 2.jpg

Mac is cute, sometimes snuggly, and the perfect crazy cat we wanted. I'm not gonna lie, there was a time shortly after we got him that I was more than ready to take him back. He had been misbehaving so horribly and I wasn't sure I could deal with that level of insanity. However, since then, he has settled in quite nicely. He is still pretty wild, but he will sometimes snuggle with me while hanging out in bed. He also has such a funny chirp thing that he does instead of meowing. It is so ridiculously cute!

Mack 5.jpg

Since Mac fully intends to continue living with us, I thought it was only appropriate that he be properly introduced. You may expect to see him lurking about the blog in the future!