Pine Trees and Frost: A Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Review

Hello my dears,

While my sisters were here, I offered to do some sewing for them if needed. My younger sister took me up on the offer and asked me to sew her a long sleeved t-shirt. Not including popping to Joann for the fabric, this shirt took me about half an hour to whip up. Which is pretty fantastic! This was my fourth time using the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes pattern, so it's no wonder that it came together that quickly.

Pine Trees and Frost 1.jpg

I convinced my sister to let me take these pictures fairly early in the morning before they left to head home. It was very frosty and cold! Winter is not the easiest time to get blog pictures. . . But the show must go on!

The fabric I used is a Doodles Interlock 100% cotton jersey that we found at Joann. Unfortunately, I cannot find it online, and we bought the last yard (and 5 inches) left at our local store. I completely understand why this print is sold out! I love it! If there had been more, I probably would have stolen it to make a super cozy dress.

As it turned out, since it is a directional print fabric, I barely had enough to squeeze this shirt out. My sister definitely didn't want half of her pine trees upside down! I did have to shorten the sleeves to 3/4 instead of full length. But we got a shirt out of it in the end which is the important part!

I cut out a size 4 from the Agnes pattern. According to my sister's measurements, I probably could have used a size 3, but, I have found that the Agnes runs pretty snug. While I like a fitted tee as much as the next lady, I don't think anyone wants their shirt looking like a sausage casing! However, after seeing this top on my sister, I probably could have taken the side seams in a bit around the waist, or just gone down to the size 3. Ah well, now I know for next time. That's the tricky bit to sewing for skinny sisters! The sewing "rules" or recommendations that I have found to work for my body don't always translate perfectly to someone else.

Pine Trees and Frost 4.jpg
Pine Trees and Frost 6.jpg

When Evan (the husband) and I go visit my family in a few weeks, I am planning to take the neckline in a smidge to help with gaping, and add the gathering on the front. I ran out of time to do it before my sisters left. But hopefully I can still get it sorted. . . If we aren't too busy with loads of Christmas shenanigans!!