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Emmy Couture is an indie dyed yarn company, craft blog, and Youtube podcast. We provide bright, colorful, variegated, speckled, and tonal yarns perfect for all of your knitting needs. Check out the blog or podcast for a healthy dose of sewing, knitting, and general crafting inspiration.

Episdoe 32: His Name Is Mac

Episdoe 32: His Name Is Mac

Hello my dears,

It feels SO good to be back! I have a special guest making an appearance, several finish sewing projects, and loads of knitting!
I do apologize for talking so quickly. I'm out of practice after missing a couple weeks. Hopefully all will be back to normal next time! Thank you for stopping by and hanging out with me!!


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I am planning a small update for December 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM EST. There will be project bags and needles cozies. I am hoping to have more yarn up in the shop in early 2018.

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