Christmas Dress 2017 - Butterick 6018

It's confirmed: Butterick 6018 is my most sewn pattern! I bought this lovely snowflake fabric last December with the intention of making a dress for my older sister. It didn't end up happening and the fabric took up residence in my stash. When I needed a dress last minute for Evan's (the husband) work Christmas party, I decided the time had come to use it. And, funnily enough, the dress I was planning to make for my sister was B6018! 

I managed to convince my long-suffering husband to take these pictures when we got a ton of snow in early December. It was absolutely gorgeous!! (Some of the pictures might be a smidge blurry. The camera had now idea how to deal with all the snowflakes!) I'm glad I made this dress in time. The snow was the perfect backdrop. Although, yes, it was even colder than it looks!

Christmas Dress 2.jpg
Christmas Dress 3.jpg

As with all the other versions I have made of Butterick 6018, I used size 14 with a FBA. It's been so long since I first made this dress for myself that I cannot remember how much I added, but it was around 1-1.5 inches. Other than that, the only other change I made was to omit the sleeves and add binding around the armholes.

Christmas Dress 4.jpg
Christmas Dress 5.jpg

Making this version of the dress reaffirmed my love for this pattern. It fits so beautifully and is extremely flattering! Since I've made it so many times, it sews up quickly. I made this dress in about 5-6 hours. That includes cutting the pattern pieces from the fabric. The pattern was already traced out so I didn't have to worry about that part.

Christmas Dress 6.jpg
Christmas Dress 7.jpg

I am still dreaming up more versions of Butterick 6018. Even though I've made so many variations of it, it is still one of my favorite patterns. I have some lovely yellow eyelet that is just begging to be a cute, summery B6018. If you haven't tried this vintage reprint I heartily recommend it!