Arne and Carlos Socks

Hello Everybody!

As a break from all the FBA tutorials I've been posting recently, I wanted to show off a recently finished knitting project. This pair of socks was knit out of a skein of Arne and Carlos yarn that I bought at my local yarn store a few months ago. I must admit, I am very impressed with how the Arne and Carlos yarn is dyed! It looks like I did a load of fair isle/color work, but it's all part of the dyeing process! I would like to knit with more of it in the future. Not only did I use this gorgeous yarn, but I also used some of my own hand-dyed yarn which made it an extra fun project!

I wrote a bunch of the technical details on my Ravelry project page, which you can find here, but I realize that not everyone hangs out over there. Plus, I am really quite proud of how these turned out so I like taking the opportunity to write about them more than once!

The heels, toes, and part of the cuffs are knit out of my hand dyed yarn. I love how the color looks with the Arne and Carlos yarn. Actually, I love how the color looks in general! Unfortunately, I won't be able to dye it again because it is from a mini skein that I dyed, didn't like the color, and re-dyed. The end result was amazing, but I'm not sure how I got to that point!

Although this was my first time knitting a toe up sock, I was surprised at how easily it worked up. I cast on 16 stitches with Judy's Magic Cast-on, and then increased every row until I had 60 stitches. Technically for a proper wedge toe you are supposed to have a normal knit row between every increase row, but I wanted to end up with a round toe fairly similar to RTW socks. Next time I would start with fewer stitches at my cast on. As is it looks a little wonky, but it fits perfectly on my feet.

I had a 100 gram skein of Arne and Carlos and I only used about 45 grams for these socks. That means I should have enough to knit my husband a semi matching pair which he would appreciate!