Seamstress Erin - Ultraviolet Tee Pattern Review

Hello Everybody,

Back in June I had the privilege of being able to pattern test Seamstress Erin's most recent pattern: the Ultraviolet Tee. This tee isn't my usual style, but I was curious to see if I could style it in such a way that it would work with my current wardrobe.

The Ultraviolet tee is designed to be a summer wardrobe staple. It is also drafted for an extremely wide range of body shapes due to the different cup size options. I made a size 10 in the D-F cup size. Since the tee is a very boxy shape, I could have easily used the A-C cup pattern pieces, but that is only because I usually wear closer fitting clothes.

I used some drapey stash fabric for this top. (I don't know exactly what sort of fabric it is since it was a gift.) I decided to finish the neck, sleeve, and hem edges with bias binding. In the future, I wouldn't use bias binding for the hem of a drapey fabric like this. I'm not sure if you can tell, but it does cause the bottom of the blouse to pucker weirdly. When it is tucked in it isn't very noticeable, so I decided to just leave it.

I think my favorite way to style this blouse is with my navy pencil skirt. It gives me waist definition as well as a more distinctive vintage flare. The solid fabric of the blouse does mean that it can go with all of my skirts, but I think the fitted nature of a pencil skirt complements the looseness of the blouse. This blouse would look amazing with a statement necklace! In the future, I would rather make this tee out of a printed fabric. I love a good floral print!

And that's all I have to say about it! I am currently on the lookout for some basic, woven blouse patterns that can be worn with a vintage-inspired flare. I think the Ultraviolet tee is a lovely boxy top, but I don't know that I will be making a bunch more. I quite enjoyed trying out a different look; however, my true love is the classic fit and flare of most vintage styles. So the search for a perfect blouse continues!