August Crafting

Hello Everybody!

I have a sewing machine again! I just got it back a few days ago so I haven’t been able to sew much yet, but I am very excited to work on a couple small projects today. Since I can't show you my most recent finished garment quite yet, I thought that I would talk about some projects I am working on and a couple future sewing plans. And there will be a sneak peek of my next make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network!

August Crafting 3.jpg

Cross Stitch:

I am so close to being finished with this cross stitch! I am hoping that I will be able to have it finished by the end of August. There is just a little more work to do on the body and then I can start on the detail work. The final touch will be adding the scientific name for honey bee (Apis mellifera) at the bottom. The Mr. is extremely happy that it is almost done. He can’t wait to hang it up in his office.

August Crafting 1.JPG


I managed to finish my Sew Over It Doris dress yesterday afternoon. I wore it later that evening when the Mr. and I went to the park to enjoy the lovely weather. He took some pictures for me which means I am all set to write up my post for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. I am kind of in love with the chicken print fabric I used! It is so unbelievably cute and I am thrilled that I now have a dress made from it. I also have enough scraps left over that I should be able to make a project bag from it!

August Crafting 2.jpg

I did sew up a couple DPN holders this morning. I've been wanting to make some for a while, but have only just gotten around to doing it. Hopefully this will stop my needles from slipping out of stitches while they are in the project bag. And now that I know how easy these are to make, I kind of want to make a bazillion more to use up scraps. Maybe I will put a few up in the shop!

Coming Soon

I am planning to sew up a test version of the Agnes tee by Tilly and the Buttons out of a black ponte knit. Then I can make any necessary adjustments before I cut into some gorgeous Art Gallery jersey.

August Crafting 4.jpg

 I managed to knit up a storm while my sewing machine was out of commission which means I will have some things to show you in my knitting post on Wednesday. I will talk to you then!