Happy Labor Day!

Hello Everyone!

I've been busy knitting away on my Find Your Fade shawl which is a pattern by Andrea Mowry of Drea Renee Knits. It is a lovely pattern and I am quite enjoying working away on it while taking advantage of the holiday to watch loads of classes on Craftsy and back episodes of the Tea & Possibilities podcast.

Find Your Fade Shawl 1.jpg

I am so close to being finished with it! This photo is from quite a while ago. The shawl is absolutely massive by now! I am trying to finish it up before I film my next podcast episode tomorrow. It might be a bit ambitious, but we will find out by tomorrow!

Find Your Fade Shawl 2.jpg

I have several different projects in the works, so hopefully I'll have a more interesting post up for you next week. However, we are only a couple of weeks (providing everything goes smoothly) away from closing on our new house, which means that packing and moving is going to be happening very soon. It all feels so surreal! Anyway, that will definitely have an impact on my blogging. I am going to try to schedule some things in advance so there won't be too much of a gap between posts.

I hope you all are enjoying the Labor Day weekend!