Dream Knitting for 2018

Hello my dears,

I am a crafting addict.

Although I've already set up my 2018 Make Nine list, I have found myself dreaming of other sewing and knitting projects. I thought it would be fun to write up two or three blog posts talking about my "dream projects" and then next year I can check back to see how much I managed to get done!

This post is all about the knitting. My interest in knitting skyrocketed in 2017. I've knit far more this past year than ever before:

I knit three shawls, nine pairs of socks, two cardigans, one sweater, seven toys, eight Bluebirds of Happiness, and a couple other things I'm sure I've forgotten. I can hardly believe I managed to get so much done!! And I have high hopes of knitting even more this year.

Knitting Patterns I Would Like to Try:


Land of Sweets Cowl - Helen Stewart

I've seen several different versions of this cowl and they are all amazing! I can just see it knit up in elegant pastels. Wouldn't that be gorgeous??

Coziest Memory.jpg

The Coziest Memory - Kemper Wray

As an official sock knitter addict, I am amassing quite the collection of fingering weight yarn scraps! I love the idea of knitting a scrappy blanket, and I have been dreaming of starting this project for a couple months now. I finally knit my first square last week and I can already tell that it is going to be so. much. fun!


Jocassee - Kemper Wray

After my success knitting my Blue Jay Spindrift, I realized that a couple more one skein shawls would be perfect for showcasing different colorways of Emmy Couture Yarn.

I spotted the Jocassee pattern designed by Kemper Wray of Junkyarns and I think it will be exactly what I need. I am hoping it cast it on in the next week or so using my Moire colorway.


Nearly Any Sweater Designed by Andi Satterlund

It would be amazing if I could knit a few well fitting sweaters and cardigans this year. I have knit garments in the past, but I now know much more about the importance of gauge swatching and selecting the correct size.

I have long been a fan of Andi Satterlund's designs. They are exactly the type of hand knit garments I could see myself wearing. Cropped? Check. Fitted? Check. In no particular order, my favorites are as follows

Angel Face.jpg

Angel Face Turban - Amy Appel

Ever since I saw Casey's version of this turban I have wanted to knit it. It looks simple and quite practical. I don't know how much I would wear it, but I think it would be lovely to have on hand in case of a particularly bad hair day.

I am working two or three days a week and have found on several occasions that my hair has decided against cooperation. . . While I might not mind fuzzy, crazy hair at home, having other people see it is another situation entirely!

Baa-ble Hat - Donna Smith

I have dabbled in colorwork knitting here and there, but never given it much serious attention. I think the Baa-ble Hat is utterly adorable. I would LOVE to knit it up this year.

It looks warm and cozy and not too challenging for my first serious colorwork project.

Hannah Fetig Cardigan

Have you seen the cardigans Hannah Fetig has designed? They are absolutely lovely. The ones I have pictured above are as follows:

Clockwise from top left Rosemont Cardigan, Honeyflower Cardigan, Featherweight Cardigan, Eventide Cardigan.

I think these are classic, elegant shapes which would fit seamlessly into my current wardrobe.

Indie Yarn I Would Like to get my Hands on:

The main accessory for knitting is, of course, the yarn! I've been able to use hardly any indie dyed yarn and it is a dream of mine to make some lovely hand knits from the breathtaking colorways dyed by these ladies:

Little Tailoress


A Homespun House

Stranded Dyeworks

Knitting Pattern Designing:

One of the biggest knitting goals I would like to tackle this year is some knitting pattern designing. I have several ideas in my head that it would be amazing to actually get into a physical form! I have finally dyed yarn for my first shawl design, but the challenging part is finding the time to sit down and actually get it started.

I plan to start small with my designs. Probably one or two free patterns to dip my toes into it. But it would be amazing to get to next January and have at least one pattern for sale on Ravelry and in my own shop.

Do you have some dream knitting you have been pondering and thinking about recently?


Picture Sources: Unless otherwise noted, all the pictures in this post were found on the applicable Ravelry page. I do not claim any ownership to them.