Episode 38: Socks and Mini Skeins

Hello my dears!

I've started my new job this week which has delayed my normal podcasting schedule. Hopefully I will be back to normal by next week. I've got two finished knitting objects to show off, a couple WIPs and an in-progress sewing project.


Pixel Rose Socks - Ravelry Page: Coming soon!

Paintbox Sock Yarn - Pixel/Rose Petal: https://www.loveknitting.com/us/paintbox-yarns-socks

Fire Pit Mitts - Taylor Earl: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fire-pit-mitts-2

Fire Pit Mitts - Ravelry Page: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/emmycouture/fire-pit-mitts

Sundae Socks - Ravelry Page:          https://www.ravelry.com/projects/emmycouture/hermiones-everyday-socks-3

Junkyarns: http://www.junkyarn.com/


Hunter Tank - Jennifer Lauren Handmade:       http://jenniferlaurenhandmade.store/product/the-hunter-tank/

Knitting Sheep Fabric:

Book Talk:


Shop News:

The next shop update will be on January 13, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. EST. I will have several skeins of Howl's Moving Castle inspired colorways as well as a few OOAKs. AND I am now offering mini skeins!! These will be perfect for contrasting heels, toes, and cuffs or for scrappy blankets.

Life Updates:

I started my new job this past Monday. I am working at a lovely quilting shop and it is amazing to be surrounded by gorgeous fabrics all day!

Podcasts Mentioned:

Wool, Needles, Hands Podcast - Taylor:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9VpEj8jMMps0841IniCJog

Little Bobbin Knits - Dani: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF4l3ITRsJq9xKLmXn1s3-A