Water Nymph Socks WIP Progress #2

I’ve finished the first sock! Isn’t it lovely? Knitting it definitely took longer than my usual vanilla socks, but it was such fun to watch it grown as I completed each repeat of the chart.

I realized about halfway through this sock that I had picked too small of a needle size for the yarn and my gauge was too tight. I’ve been using US size 00 over 64 stitches which I’ve done before and had work perfectly. I think the yarn I’m using is ever so slightly thinner than the yarn I used for my other 00mm/64 stitches socks and it was enough of a difference to make the sock too small.

Rather than rip out all of the work I had already done, I’ve decided to gift this pair of socks to my lovely mum. She hasn’t had any hand knit socks before and I’m excited to see what she thinks. I’m hesitant to knit socks for other people since I can never tell if it is something they will actually use/like. So this will be a test!

If she likes and wears this pair, maybe I’ll make her some more. 😊