Jennifer Lauren Handmade Felicity Dress Pattern Review

I purchased the Felicity dress pattern several years ago during a Black Friday sale. I’ve sewn up one version in a solid yellow mystery fabric from my stash but it has been extremely difficult to get good pictures of it. Something about all the yellow throws off the lighting of my camera.

This past week I finally made a second version and I love it even more than the first! I used a gorgeous fabric that I received in my first Fibre Share swap and it is absolutely perfect for this dress. It is lightweight enough that the gathers in the bodice aren’t bulky but not so lightweight that it was difficult to sew with.

As with all of the Jennifer Lauren patterns I have made, I used a straight size 12 in the D-cup size. I didn’t make any other changes except to swap out the included skirt for a gathered skirt with in-seam pockets. Since there are no darts or sleeves, this dress is SO quick to stitch up. I would have had it completely finished in just a couple of hours but I didn’t have the right color of zipper. That called for a trip to the fabric store which naturally delayed things just a tad!

Besides its simplicity, the beauty of this dress how versatile it is. I can wear it with cardigans or jackets (see this post!) and tights or leggings when it is cold, or pair it with sandals and sun hats when summer hits again. The light grey background makes the flowers pop but it isn’t so bright that it looks weird to wear it in winter.

This dress perfectly represents the style I am trying to craft my wardrobe around. Simple, feminine dresses in colors that I actually love to wear. Sometimes I find it so easy to be wooed by an alluring fabric in the store, but then when I’ve made a garment from it, it doesn’t always end up being loved and worn. I’ve started paying more attention to the outfits I naturally reach for in the morning and I’m trying to match my new makes to them.