Water Nymph Socks WIP Update #1

I am knitting a pair of more heavily textured/patterned socks for the first time. This is a test knit I am working on for Olivia of This Handmade Life. She has a bunch of gorgeous sock patterns available on Ravelry and several of them are free so be sure to check them out!

Water Nymph WIP 1.jpg

I’ve actually been planning to knit one of Olivia’s patterns for a while and then she put up a call for testers on Instagram. What luck! I’m using one of my skeins of “Foundling” yarn in this subtly variegated bright blue which is perfect because it lets the stitch pattern really stand out.

While I have to concentrate a bit more on what I am doing than with my usual sock projects I am really enjoying this knit. The sock is flying along and I am hoping to get halfway through the heel by the end of the day!