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Emmy Couture is an indie dyed yarn company, craft blog, and Youtube podcast. We provide bright, colorful, variegated, speckled, and tonal yarns perfect for all of your knitting needs. Check out the blog or podcast for a healthy dose of sewing, knitting, and general crafting inspiration.

Episode 41 | Yarn Cakes and Sewing Plans

Episode 41 | Yarn Cakes and Sewing Plans

Hello my dears!

I cannot wait to show you the knitting I've been working on over the past couple of weeks. I have a gorgeous shawl on the needles and I managed to finish half of a pair of socks. Plus I have my new supplies for the next few Minerva Crafts projects to show you.

The Happiness KAL/MKAL - Blog Post:

The Happiness KAL/MKAL - Chatter Thread:

I will be attending two yarn festivals in the next couple of months!! The Powhatan Fiber Festival on Saturday, April 28 and the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on Sunday, May 6. If you are going to either of those, let me know!! And if you see me, be sure to come say hi!

For a limited time, in celebration of February and Valentine's Day, I will be giving away a free sleep mask/eye mask with every order from my shop! I want to share the love with all of my lovely viewers (and readers!). Each of the masks is hand made from gorgeous scraps I pulled from my stash. These fabrics were all too special to throw away so they've been accumulating at an alarming rate. I hope that you love them as much as I do!

Knitting - 9:38

Sundae Socks - Ravlery Page:

Hermione's Everyday Socks - Erica Lueder:

Rhinebeck is Calling Fingerless Mitts - Kay Litton:

Rhinebeck is Calling Fingerless Mitts - Ravelry Page:

Rhinebeck is Calling Fingerless Mitts - Blog Post:

The Great Diamond Authority Shawl - Ravelry Page:

Sophie's Shawl - Emmy Couture Yarns:

Sewing - 23:51

I've been going through my wardrobe and mending, repurposing, or re-doing different garments. It has been wonderful to finally take the time to do it, but it is still fairly tedious! I used some fabric I had already mostly sewn up into a dress and turned it into a loose, kimono style jacket/cardigan. I hope I will get more wear out of it once the weather warms up!

Stash Enhancement - 29:08

Bleuet Dress - Deer and Doe:

Floral Fabric:

Alder Shirtdress - Grainline Studio:

Oriental Fish Fabric:

Knitting Girl and Cat Cross Stitch:

Life Updates - 35:16

I have been working on redesigning my logo and website. Between that and work, the stress/overwhelmed levels have been very high and my energy levels have plummeted. Hopefully things will get back to a healthier level soon!

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