A Bluejay Spindrift - Helen Stewart Spindrift Shawl Pattern Review

Hello my dears,

It has been a couple of months since I finished this shawl. Actually, it is my first finished project of 2018 considering I cast it off on January 1st. This shawl is a modified version of the Spindrift Shawl designed by the wonderful Helen Stewart. I knit it out of Emmy Couture Yarns in the Bluejay colorway; hence, why I fondly refer to it as my Bluejay Spindrift!

Bluejay Spindrift 1.jpg
Bluejay Spindrift 5.jpg

If you are familiar with this pattern, you will notice that my version looks quite different from the original. The biggest change I made was to completely eliminate the lace section on the bottom. I decided that I wanted my shawl to be as simple, quick, and mindless as possible! I was desperate for a shawl project, but it was in the middle of Christmas present preparations and my brain was already dangerously close to overload mode. Instead, I continued knitting the stockinette section until I was almost out of yarn.

Last minute, I did decide that a picot bind off would look to amazing to be ignored. Now, I've never used a picot bind off before. I did a quick Google search and found several great tutorials. It was surprising easy, but so much more time consuming than I had imagined, but it was 100% worth it.

I ended up having just enough yarn to finish the bind off. If I had knit one more stockinette row, I would have run out! As it is, I think I can squeeze a Bluebird of Happiness from the leftovers. Fingers crossed I actually find the time to sit down and do it!

This shawl was the first time I had properly blocked a knitting project. I laid it out on the blocking mats my husband gave me a couple of Christmases ago. Blocking made ALL the difference! I pinned down each of the picot points and stretch the shawl out into its proper shape. It looks so much better than it did before blocking. I must say, this shawl completely changed my opinion on blocking hand knits. To be fair, most of my projects in the past year or so have been socks or knit from acrylic yarns which won't benefit much from blocking. But all my future wool or wool blend projects will absolutely undergo a wee bit of blocking!

Bluejay Spindrift 7.jpg
Bluejay Spindrift 9.jpg

I've worn my Bluejay Spindrift many times since finishing it. I will be honest: I have found it to be somewhat difficult to style. I have discovered that I dislike shawls that come to narrow points at the sides. The points dangle oddly and always seem to be slipping out of place. I didn't properly realize how much this bothered me until this shawl. While I love how it turned out and will definitely wear it, I most likely won't be knitting another version. But, then again, who knows??



If you sign up for Helen Stewart's Spindrift Shawl Workshop email series, you can actually get the pattern for free!