The Great Diamond Authority Shawl

Hello my dears,

In February, I had the opportunity to test a gorgeous shawl knitting pattern designed by Emily O'Brien. The Great Diamond Authority Shawl is a half pi shawl with four different diamond lace patterns across the different sections.

The Great Diamond Authority Shawl 1.jpg

This was my first time knitting a half pi shawl, and it was far more adventurous than I expected! With all over lace, charts and massive amounts of stitches, it wasn't anything like the basic vanilla socks I've been knitting recently.

The Great Diamond Authority Shawl 2.jpg

Even though this shawl could have been entirely overwhelming: it wasn't. The pattern was excellently laid out and the inclusion of both charted and written instructions was quite helpful. I've never used charts before, so this was a fun learning experience. Actually, by the time I got to the knit on border, using the charts turned out to be easier than reading the written instructions!

If you've always been nervous about reading charts, I highly recommend you give it a try. It is probably be best to start with something simple, but jumping in with a more complicated pattern can be done. Take it slowly, and be ready to reference written instructions if they are included. I did have to double-check myself a couple times, but overall it was a very smooth experience.

The Great Diamond Authority Shawl 3.jpg
The Great Diamond Authority Shawl 4.jpg

The yarns I used were all Emmy Couture Yarns. The grey, pink, and mauve are on the Dumble base: 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon, and the green is on the Tiria base: 70% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon/5% Stellina. The colorways are as follows:

Grey - Morning Fog
Pink - Bubblegum
Mauve - Sophie's Shawl
Green - Emerald

I am open to dyeing up kits with the same colorways so you can knit a shawl exactly like mine so be sure to let me know if that is something that you are interested in! But I should also inform you that the insanely talented Tracy of Norah George Yarns has designed some kits just for the Great Diamond Authority Shawl. Be sure to check them out and at the very least lust over the unbelievable colorways!

The Great Diamond Authority Shawl 5.jpg
The Great Diamond Authority Shawl 6.jpg

Do you have a favorite shawl shape?I love the shape of half pi shawls. I have found triangle or crescent shaped shawls to be difficult to wear due to the narrow pointed ends. They flop about, don't stay put and are honestly quite annoying. But the shape of a half pi means that it is a half circle with no narrow ends. I can wear it over my shoulders as pictured, or wrapped up around my neck.

Despite the slog of knitting several hundred stitches per row by the end, I think it is absolutely worth it to have a shawl that I will actually wear. When I get the time, I would love to knit a half pi shawl with a thicker weight yarn so that I can get the same shape without having to deal with so many stitches. Have you ever knit a half pi shawl?