Shop Update + April Yarn Dyeing Theme | Spring Dreams

Hello my dears!

I hope that you are all having a lovely, restful Easter Sunday. I am so beyond excited about the shop update happening today. It is all about Spring Dreaming this month at Emmy Couture HQ.

I am ready for sunshine, flowers, swimming, and long walks. I took all of my antsy Spring thoughts and turned them into five colorways:

These are my favorite colorways that I have ever dyed. They turned out EXACTLY how I imagined them and I couldn't be happier with them!

Right now there is only the mini skein set that just went live, but I am hoping to have full skeins on all my bases available in the next couple of weeks. The colorways are all so springy, bright and happy that I want to knit a shawl out of them immediately!

As you may have noticed, there was no yarn dyeing theme for March. I was on holiday for the first two weeks and then the last two weeks were spent trying to catch up on everything. I hardly had time to knit and sew, let alone think about dyeing yarn. But now that everything has returned to normal, I am dreaming of all the fun colorways that are yet to be dyed.

The yarn dyeing theme for April (and possibly May) will be all about Spring: flowers, plants, blue skies, baby animals, birds, balmy weather, and loads of sunshine.

Something I realized after January and February was that those two yarn dyeing themes were too limited. There just wasn't enough inspiration for more than maybe one or two colorways and by the end of the month I would be really struggling to come up with anything else. Lesson learned! From now on there will be much broader and bigger themes. And I cannot wait!