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Episode 45 || If I Only Had a Million Dollars. . .

Episode 45 || If I Only Had a Million Dollars. . .

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In Episode 45 I talk about a recently finished pair of socks, yarn stash additions, finished sewing projects, sewing plans, three amazing books, and a variety of life happenings.


Knitting - 04:05

I have been busy knitting up some more socks. I haven't been using a specific pattern, just following my own formula for a well fitting sock. I will be writing a blog post on what I do soon!

I participated in the Dances With Wool stash busting yard sale a couple of weeks ago. I managed to pick up a few yarns to add to my growing stash.

Sewing - 15:21

I haven't been feeling super inspired to sew recently. It's a combination of struggling to keep my studio/craft room organized between projects and being very busy with work. The mess in my studio is hard to work around and leaves me very uninspired. Busy work depletes me of the necessary energy to start a new project.

But I've sewn up a couple of things and I'm working on resolving the above issues so I can start a couple more projects!

Weston Shorts - Seamwork Magazine

Jenna Cardi - Muse Patterns

Reglisse Dress - Deer and Doe Patterns

Bleuet Dress - Deer and Doe Patterns

Sureau Dress - Deer and Doe Patterns

Knitting Girl and Cat Cross Stitch Kit

Knitting Girl and Cat Cross Stitch - Minerva Crafts Blogger Network Post

Book Talk - 23:02

Re-reading The Glass Virgin sent me off on a Catherine Cookson reading binge. I've finished two more of her books and absolutely loved them. My library has a few more of her books so this won't be the last you hear of her.

I am also in the middle of reading Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk. It is an excellent book so far and I am finding all sorts of excellent advice in it on how to better my business and overall personal brand.

The Fifteen Streets - Catherine Cookson

Kate Hannigan - Catherine Cookson

Crushing It! - Gary Vaynerchuk

Life Updates - 31:45

I am in the process of switching jobs. I will no longer be working at the quilt shop, but will be working at a daycare not too far from where I live. 

It will be lovely to be around children more often and the schedule is much better for me. I am expecting to thoroughly enjoy this new adventure!

Evan and I are talking about getting a dog! Not immediately, but in the near future. We went to a local animal shelter to look at getting another cat to hopefully calm Mac down a bit. And when we left, we both were feeling more interested in getting a dog instead. I will definitely keep you updated on how that goes.

If I were to switch from longer podcasts to shorter vlog style videos once or twice a week, would you keep watching?

Editing 30-45 minute long videos is quite draining of both time and energy. Plus, I have found that being as busy as I am recently, I'm far less inclined to watch a long podcast episode. I would rather watch a shorter, 5-15 minute vlog. I can still keep up with and support the vlogger/podcaster without spending inordinate amounts of time plopped on the couch in front of the tv.

Let me know what you think!

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