May Make for MCBN: Deer and Doe Reglisse Dress Review

The Reglisse dress is my second time using Deer and Doe patterns and I've become a bit obsessed. Their pattern designs are gorgeous and just my style. The instructions are good, if a bit sparse at times. (Nothing a google search can't help with.) And the finished projects are just so pretty.

I'm getting rather spoiled by using Tilly and the Buttons and Deer and Doe patterns. I love the pattern paper both companies use. It's sturdy like regular printer paper, and a piece of cake to put back into the envelope. No crinkling, ripping, crunching tissue paper. Thank goodness for that!

This was my first time using cotton lawn and I quite like it. It is definitely lighter weight than the cotton poplin or quilting cotton I am used to using. Every time I put my Reglisse on, I'm half afraid I'll rip it by accident. But once it's on, oh how beautiful I feel!!

I don't want to repeat myself with all the sewing details, so for that information head over to Minerva Crafts to read my post there. 

I will say, I found the neckline bias binding to be fairly confusing. I didn't do it correctly, but it worked out okay. I discovered after finishing the dress that there is a full sew-along on The Monthly Stitch blog. Here is a link to the post regarding the collar/tie/bias binding. If I make a second Reglisse, I will definitely be referring to it!

-Emily 💛