Wedding Anniversary Trip to Chincoteague

It's been almost a week since Evan carried me off on a surprise adventure to Chincoteague Island. I knew a trip was happening, but I didn't know where we were going until we were already halfway there. Evan planned everything and I just showed up. It made the trip so much more exciting for me!

Weston:Alder 6 .jpg
This was just before I climbed all the way to the top of the lighthouse. I love lighthouses!

This was just before I climbed all the way to the top of the lighthouse. I love lighthouses!

This is the first proper vacation that Evan and I have had for almost as long as we can remember. It was absolutely splendid! We visited both nature reserves on Assateague Island: there is one of the upper half of the island that is the "Maryland side" and one on the lower half that is the "Virginia side." We walked (and rolled!) trails, saw ponies, went to the beach, breathed in fresh ocean breezes, did some sneaky yarn shopping, and basically had the nicest, and most restful days we've enjoyed in a long while.


Everything was so green and blue. There were nearly constant breezes when we were out and about on the island. And this was the first time we've gone to the beach together and actually been able to enjoy the ocean. Truly, I don't know when I've had a more magical time.

Coming down from the "vacation high" has been rough, but I have some fantastic memories to make it all worth it. I took loads of video and a few pictures. I'm going to be putting everything together into a vlog when I get the chance. 

Weston:Alder 2.jpg

I want to mention here: if you or a family member are disabled/in a wheelchair, the nature reserves on Assateague are extremely handicap friendly. I was enormously impressed with the accessibility of everything. They have several paved or hard packed walking trails, and free usage of beach wheelchairs. Also, since Evan is in a wheelchair,  we were able to get an access pass that allows us to visit Assateague for free as well as hundreds of other federal parks all over the USA. So definitely keep that in mind!

Emily 💛