Episode 49 | Sweaters, Floozy Kits, and Crochet

In this episode I discuss the yarn kits I have put together for Libby Jonson's (aka Truly Myrtle) new Floozy cardigan design, show off all of my current knitting WIPs, talk about the fun crochet project I'm hooking away on, share my sewing plans for upcoming Minerva Crafts Blogger Network makes, and gush over the amazing vacation Evan and I went on in July. 

Can you believe that the next episode will be Episode 50!? 😱 It seems so surreal to have finally managed to get this far. Especially since the podcast has been fairly sporadic in the past few months. Any suggestions for ways to celebrate?? 🎉

Floozy cardigan yarn kits will be available for pre-order on August 10th at 7:00 pm EST.