Corbel Sweater WIP Progress #1

Now that I've finished my Lofoten sweater, (blog post coming tomorrow!!!) it's time to show you another project that I'm knitting. I am loving these WIP posts! It is helping me slow down and appreciate the process as well as taking all of my lovely readers (you 😘) along on the journey. It makes it so exciting!

Corbel Sweater WIP 1.jpg

This is the Corbel Sweater that I am test knitting for Claire Walls of Flossi Knits. Y'all. This is an amazing sweater. It is designed for a DK weight yarn which I haven't used much. It is on my new Dumble DK base in "A Gentleman's Waistcoat" which will be available in my next shop update on August 29th.

So far I am still working on the back. I have about 6 inches to go before any shaping happens. It is such a beautiful, nearly mindless knit. I haven't been having to really count my rows or constantly refer to the chart/instructions. I just read my knitting and it is brilliant.

Also, I have figured out a way to work the cables without a cable needle. 😱 What??!!? I never thought I would ever be able to say that. Granted, it is only a 4-stitch cable but it is seriously so simple. I don't have to fiddle with the cable needle and it makes everything go much faster. By next week I am hoping to have the back finished and a good chunk started on the front.

-Emily 💛