Introducing the Almanac Minis Club

I'm thrilled to announce that the very first installment of the brand new Emmy Couture Yarns Almanac Minis Club will be available for pre-order next Wednesday, on August 29th at 3:00 p.m. EST.

The theme for this first installment is: "An Old English Library". Each mini skein set will contain gorgeous autumn shades in a variety of variegated, tonal, and speckled colorways. All colorways are exclusive to the club for a whole year.

The Almanac Minis Club is a quarterly yarn club in which club members will receive:
- a print of the hand-painted theme picture (the above picture is the Autumn 2018 theme painting) 
- 8 individually wrapped mini skeins
- small treats
an exclusive code which will enable the purchase of full skeins of any favorite colors. (Colorways will not be available to everybody until the following year.)

Listings for each installment of the club will go live 2-3 weeks before the ship date. Each installment must be purchased separately, there is no annual subscription.


These clubs are intended to be opened during the week of the solstices and equinoxes: (at the start of each new season) September, December, March, and June.
All yarn will be shipped at least two weeks before the season change so that you can celebrate by opening a new mini skein every day of that week.

There will be a casual Instagram knitalong coinciding with each installment of the club. No prizes or anything, just use the appropriate hashtag(s) and enjoy seeing everyone's projects coming together.

If you are an Instagram user, feel free to use the following hashtags: #thealmanacminisclub #TAMfall2018 #TAMwinter2018 #TAMspring2019 #TAMsummer2019 #emmycoutureyarns #ecyalmanacminisclub

If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below or send me and email at I cannot wait to get these colorways dyed up!

-Emily 💛