August Make for MCBN - Pauline Alice Cami Dress Review

I was about to post an update on my Corbel Sweater progress when I remembered that today is a Minerva Crafts Blogger Network day! And I made the cutest dress that I cannot wait to show you. ❤️ I made a Cami Dress!!

This is my first time using a Pauline Alice pattern and I absolutely loved it. The patterns are printed on sturdy "real" paper, not the traditional tissue paper. Which is my favorite. I dislike working with flimsy paper immensley!

All the details on this make can be found in my post on the Minerva Crafts site. But I couldn't leave without mentioning the enormously poofy petticoat that I made. 😍

I made it out of taffeta instead of tulle and it is just as fluffy without being scratchy. It is so much more comfortable than previous petticoats I've made! As I said on my latest podcast episode, I want to make at least three more in a variety of colors. The petticoat has been much more fun to wear than I remembered. It's been a while since I've worn one.