Lofoten Sweater WIP Progress #2

And I'm nearly done! I cannot believe how quickly this sweater has knit up. I was getting rather stressed and worried that I wouldn't be able to complete it in time. But here I am, one sleeve away from having a finished sweater! Then it's just a matter of weaving in ends and giving it a good block. 🎉 Hooray! 🎉

Lofoten Sweater WIP 3.jpg
Lofoten Sweater WIP 4.jpg

Isn't that yoke detail unbelievable?? While it is far, far, far too hot to even consider wearing a wool sweater right now, (the thought of taking finished project pictures makes me nearly break out in a sweat!) I know I am going to LOVE wearing it come fall/winter.

The first sleeve felt like it took absolute ages because I couldn't get into a rhythm. I tried doing magic loop at first, but the needles I am using have a cable that was just a smidge too short and a tad too rigid. So I tried DPNs. They worked, but it still felt clunky and weird. Maybe it was due to using a larger size needle on a small circumference. Ugh. It was

I had just picked up the stitches and worked a couple of rows on the second sleeve when I remembered that using two circular needles to knit in the round was an option. I thought, "Well, I won't lose anything by trying." And I am so glad I did! It has worked like a charm. Everything is going smoothly and at this rate I fully expect the sleeve to knit up just as quickly as the body did!

-Emily 💛

Pattern: Lofoten Sweater - Emily Nugen of The Blue Mouse Knits
Yarn: Emmy Couture Yarns in "Pooh Bear" and "Nutkin" on my Dumble base and "Paper Boats" on my new Tammo base. I still have sweater kits left in the shop!