Corbel Sweater | Finished Project

I fully intended to write at least two more WIP posts for this sweater, but I ended up being sick for a week which threw off all of my plans. In the end I was just hurrying to try and get my Corbel done by the test knitting deadline. I nearly made it. I finished it two days late, but Claire was absolutely lovely and didn’t put any extra pressure on me.

This was my first time knitting a DK weight sweater. I used Emmy Couture Yarns in “A Gentleman’s Waistcoat” on Dumble DK. Let me tell you, this thing is HEAVY! I’m used to delicate, light fingering weight projects.

Corbel is cozy, comfy, and extremely warm. I’m excited to be able to snuggle up in it once the weather cools down. I have very few cold weather appropriate garments so I have a feeling this sweater will be in constant rotation very soon.

Corbel is knit in pieces, seamed up the side, use a three needle bind off at the shoulders, and then stitches are picked up to work the sleeves in the round. I have never been much good at seaming, but I have now realized that that was purely due to not learning a proper technique.

I am super chuffed with how invisible my seams are! I completely forgot to take a picture of them, so you’ll have to take my word for it. The mattress stitch is a brilliant seaming technique. I heartily recommend checking it out whenever you need to sew together some knitwear.

Look at all those cables! As I’ve said before, the stitch pattern is quite simple, easy to memorize, and, since I worked them without a cable needle, a breeze to knit.

I willingly admit that by the last few inches of the front panel I was more than ready to be done with the cables and onto some mindless stockinette. It was partially due to being in a rush to get it done by the deadline and also, that is just a lot of cabling to do!

Funny story: I didn’t even realize that the sweater is a “drop shoulder” design until I read Claire’s Instagram post a few minutes ago. I had a second of sheer panic thinking, “Wait. It’s supposed to have a drop shoulder??? I don’t think mine does!”

But then I looked at the pictures and realized that it does indeed have a dropped shoulder. Well then! That’s what I get for not paying attention. Can we blame it on my brain still recovering from being sick??

Okay, so now I’ve been well and truly bitten by the garment making bug. I have yarn all set aside to knit Andrea Mowry’s Wool and Honey sweater, I’m planning a scrounge through my stash to find some suitable colors for a second Lofoten, and I’m hoping to cast on Libby Johnson’s Floozy Cardi ASAP.

It seems as if by completing one pullover, I’ve realized that sweater knitting is totally within my capabilities. Who knew?

That’s not to say I’ve given up sock and shawl knitting. Nope. I’ve already dug out one languishing sock WIP and I cannot wait to cast on a shawl with some of my Knitcrate* yarn.

-Emily ❤️

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